You need this.

Confidence, clarity, and certainty. That’s what I try to offer new tech leads. Being a first line leader in the tech business is hard, to say the least.

As tech leads, we’re often put in leadership positions with almost no training or explanation of what the expectations are.

Yet the expectations for people in lead roles is always high, whether it’s expectations from those on your team or those who manage you.

I’m here to help.

My name is Michael Rice. I’ve been working on trying to help tech leads since at least 2016, and this email list is the latest incarnation of how I’m trying to help.

I’m the author of How To Be A Tech Lead, which is currently free on Leanpub. It’s the original work that leads to a lot of the ideas you’ll find on this list.

How To Be A Tech Lead

You might have also heard my podcast on tech lead coaching, which is available on all the major channels (e.g., Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Spotify).

I’m also the organizer of the Tech Lead Coaching Network and the Tech Lead Workshops - Los Angeles.

Free coaching included with your subscription

It’s a daily email on your day to day role as a tech lead, and it’s a bargain at $7/mo because it includes a free thirty minute coaching session (or whatever you want to talk about).