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Software and law have lived uneasily with each other for a few decades—and it’s endlessly entertaining and interesting to read and learn about.

FUD is on both sides

There’s a lot of FUD (you know, fear-uncertainty-doubt) to go around.

In our world of software engineering, there’s always some person running around the office saying, “Omg. We can’t do _____ because ____ (insert whatever regulation, litigation, legislation, or rumor you want).” And it’s hard to know whether this person is right or wrong. You can Google and find some article or page—maybe it’s right. Maybe it’s not. How do you know?

On the other side, as I’m writing this about page, Congress is currently hyperventilating about the idea of Facebook creating a new cryptocurrency called Libra (I’m a libra, so ty FB). Even in California, Maxine Waters is trying to find a way to prevent tech companies from doing anything like this The Powers That Be maybe have even more FUD about software than engineers do about law.

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