There will be no posts this week

Workin' on the foundations

Hey Tech Leads,

There will be no posts this week. You’re going to have to, somehow, make do without me. YOU CAN DO IT TECH LEADS!

Over the weekend I started revising the book, and I realized… holy sh… crap… it needs A LOT OF WORK.

Really, the book (which I’m not even going to link to right now) should be the foundation for most of this. So it really needs to be good.

Further, I have TWO presentations I have to give at Desert Code Camp in Phoenix on Saturday. I’m pretty much prepared for them, but want them to be tight. If you’re in the Phoenix area, swing by! Phoenix has a nice little tech community. Low on ego, high on community.

The first session is, naturally, How To Be A Tech Lead. Right now I’ve got about 70 sign ups, so that’s pretty cool. I’m going to try to record it, and then I’ll share the recording with you here and on the podcast.

The second session is on how to build apps that make the most of Kubernetes. See? I’m still kinda technical—for a manager, anyway :-)

See you in Phoenix!